Note Down the all major landmarks around the city of Gem

PERFECT TIME : BETWEEN 0700hrs - 1600hrs  

AVAILABILITY :365ICON             


• Meeting SMLT Representative at early agreed place in Rathnapura or Kuruwita
• You can do city tour by bicycle, Car, van, Tuk Tuk and 4WD
• Village Lunch will be provided
• Starting the journey

There is a more common explanation in Sri Lanka is that it comes from the Sinhala “Rathna” meaning gems and “pure” meaning city. Rathnapura district has produced an incredible variety of gemstones.

Rathnapura which can be literally translated as 'The City of Gems' is located at the foot of Sri Pada or Adam's Peak. It is known for gem mining and natural beauty. You can shop for precious gems or visit deep mines. If you prefer natural beauty, Rathnapura would offer a string of waterfalls and lush forests. All three spots give shelter to diversified wildlife. You will undoubtedly enjoy refreshing and tranquil atmosphere.

When you visit Rathnapura, you can engage and enjoying traditional cultures in the Sumana saman dewalaya. It is one of the most sacred places in Sri Lanka. After that you can visit bio Paleolithic museum in the rathnapura. It has curious and rare skeleton & culture sample. And you can go to the Gem museum. Absolutely then you will astonish. Because of glamorous, rare and charm gem. If you want to owner that ornaments you can buy it.

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) offers unique excursion at Rathnapura you will visit Bopath Ella water fall, Jem mining and Batadobalena cave. We will be provided knowledge local experience guides, water battle and lunch.

What to bring

•Sun Hat
• Camera
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen


• All participants will be given a safety briefing
• the importance of listening to the guide or instructor
• Keep avoid touching monument

Be a responsible traveler with your every step to save the future