Joyful, knowledgeable and comfortable boat safaris in Gal oya

PERFECT TIME : BETWEEN 0900hrs - 1600hrs  

AVAILABILITY :365ICON             


• Meet our SLMT representative at your hotel and transported to Gal oya
• Start your boat trip

Gal oya boat safaris give a unique and special perspective whilst watching animals as they come to the water’s edge to drink water. The 25,900 hectare park has about 32 species of mammals including common languor, endemic toque macaque, leopard, sloth bear, elephant, wild boar, water buffalo and three species of deer.

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) offers an unique experience in the National park. Most of elephants can be seen throughout the year. You can see beautiful small islands speeded over the area. Often you may see these Elephants grazing happily and freely without any intrusions. They swim from island to island as they wish in search of greener pasture. You may even, during the safari, see the wonder of these mammoths swimming in the lake heading towards an island.

While doing this safari you will come across the Bird Island Which is full with bird species. For birding enthusiasts, approximately 150 of Sri Lanka's 430 species of birds have been observed in this region. You can step on to this Bird Island and walk through the forest up to the outcrop. From here, you can see so many birds' nests: some with eggs and some even with fledglings who are unable to fly away even when they spot you.

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) offers you to boat, safety jacket, local experience guide. This tour is giving you real unforgettable wild life experience that you would never forget.

What to bring

•Sun Hat
• Camera
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen


• Follow instructors or local guide
• The importance of listening to the guide or instructor
• staying back from animals and plants
• Always wearing life jacket

Be a responsible traveler with your every step to save the future