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PERFECT TIME : BETWEEN 0900hrs - 1700hrs  

DURATION : 0200hrs          AVAILABILITY :365ICON             


• Meet your SLMT Representative at early agreed place in Kandy • Start your excursion
• Visit to Gannoruwa agro farm and Peradeniya botanical garden
• Visit Kandy Spice garden
• learn about tea and visit tea factory

Our world’s population is now six billion and growing so there is an increasing need for food. Sri Lanka is one of the finest destinations for agro culture since ancient time. Sri Lanka Mini tours offers exclusive agrobiologic and cookery experience. Countryside is where visitors can browse, learn, explore, participate in activities and purchase produce. Great for kids, a recommended family outing

Participating farms include that Mango cultivation, Vegetable Garden, Machinery Yard, Seed Processing Unit, Banana Cultivation, Plant Nursery, Home Garden, Compost Production, Livestock Production and many other agricultural attractions .Walk around the farm. You will see Fruit plants such as Mango, guava, orange, lime are produced in the plants nursery to supply quality planting material to farmers, produce high quality compost using bio mass available in the farm and buffalo dung

Gannoruwa is the best park in Sri Lanka to gather more agro knowledge about agrobiologic you will visit main sections of the park. Vegetable garden, Roots and Tuber crops , Plant genetic resources, Hi-tec Agriculture, Orchard, Banana garden, Environmental friendly integrated farming (organic farming), Bee-keeping, Gliricidia Plantation for dendro power, Seed show , Crop Wild Relatives, Leafy vegetable garden, Dry zone crops ,Fruit nursery, Tissue culture division , Indigenous food technology, Citrus garden, Rice section , Demonstration of traditional tank (wawa) culture, Traditional chena , Insect zoo, Mushroom house, Agricultural Medicinal garden, Indigenous rice garden

Next you will entered Peradeniya botanical garden Royal Botanical garden area of the botanically is renowned for its collection of a variety of orchids. It includes more than 4000 species of plants

Sri Lanka Mini tour (SLMT) offers completely educated and unforgettable agro tour with experience guide which provide knowledgeable agro experience for your life.

What to bring

• Sun Hat
• Camera
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen


• Follow your guide
• Avoided from touching fauna and flora

Be a responsible traveler with your every step to save the future