Stay With tiny Turtles

PERFECT TIME FOR START : BETWEEN 0800hrs - 1600hrs  

AVAILABILITY :365ICON             


• Meet Sri Lanka Mini tours representative at your hotel and you will transported to Tangalla by "Tuk""Tuk"

• Start your Turtles trail
• Visit Mulkirigala Temple
• Optional Sea Bath
• Optional Bird Watching at Kalamatiya Bird Santuary and visit Blowhole
• Evening Sea Food Experience
• Turn Back with your memorise

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) Village Exploration Tour would give you the opportunity to pass some relaxing days with the Baby Turtles, travel through the palm fringed village and tastes best sea food in the down south.

Tangalle beach is an important marine turtle nesting site in Sri Lanka. The beach at Rakawa village situated approximately 10 km east of Tangalla bay beach. Rakawa sandy beach where turtles come to lay their eggs and it has been protected by the turtles conservation Project (TCP).They looking after the tiny turtles and protects the actual nesting sites without any intervention apart from discouraging predators.

After the temple visit you can get a experience how would the baby turtles grew.Sea turtles wandering the ocean for about 190 million years. Today eight species of these ancient reptiles remaining. Five out of seven species of marine turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka. Each sea turtle species uniquely affects the diversity, habitat and functionality of its environment.Five species of Sea turtles Swim and breed around Sri Lanka. Green turtle, hawks bill turtles, Oliver twist turtles, leather back turtles, kemp's ridly, and flat back. These species are presenting in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) offers exclusive village tour for all kind of age who is fond of experience village life, Turtles conservations, may be wild animals and fishing. Our knowledge local experience guides will unforgettable experience with information on the different sites you visit.

What to bring

• Sun Hat
• Camera
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen


• All participants will be given a safety briefing.
• The importance of listening to the guide.

Be a responsible traveler with your every step to save the future