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Discover the wide range of unique outdoor adventure Trekking in Sri Lanka
an experience that you would never forget.

PERFECT TIME : BETWEEN 0900hrs - 1600hrs  

AVAILABILITY :365ICON             


• Meet Sri Lanka Mini tours representative at early agreed place in Matale or Kandy
• Start your trekking experience

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) trekking guide takes you to the wonder of the natural creature. We always try to encourage green tours with abound of nature. It will be educated, adventure and delights.

density of Meemure is Lakegala' When you reach the top of Lakegala you will see the East sea shore of Sri Lanka with a clear view' Though the journey begins by passing a few village houses you have to take' So" it is a ritual of the villagers to prey for the historic “Bodhiya” to gain the blessings for the journey' First 3 km of the journey is a river based tracking' It is also a journey with horror and you have to lean and jump as the route is covered with creep, rocks etc. Rest of the distance is allocated to climb Lakegala.

Top of the mountain comprised with its diversified flowers at the middle of the mountain Lakegala is a kingdom for eagles. However it is hard to reach the peak of the mountain and the last 300m of the journey will be an adventure type journey.

There are no many Climbers who have climbed this mountain using ropes. In this program you will climb up to 1000m and you will not climb to the peak which is height bout 314 m. When you reach 1000m high, you will meet an ancient river valley.

Sri Lanka Mini tours (SLMT) offers exclusive trekking tour for all kind of age who is fond of experience mothers of nature. You can experience waterfalls, birds, rare plants. Snacks and water battle, safety and adventure gear and tools will be provided. Our knowledge local experience guides will unforgettable experience with information on the different sites you visit.

What to bring

• Sun Hat
• Camera
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Sturdy Shoes or Sandals with Ankle Strap


• All participants will be given a safety briefing.
• The importance of listening to the guide and get more information about trekking location.

Be a responsible traveler with your every step to save the future